Linux for Samsung i900 (Omnia / Player Addict)

Welcome to the page of the Linux for Samsung Omnia project.

*  My blog is here.
On my blog, you'll see progresses and releases announce. Register (takes two seconds) and post comments if you have problems, or if you like my stuff)

*  The Sourceforge project home page is here.
Go, some stuff here.

*  The releases are here.
Navigate to find the one you want, like in an explorer. You can also see that releases are sorted like :
- The name of the release
     - The version
          Kernel + How to
          Roots FS
          How to only

*  The setup tutorial is here.
I highly recommend you to read it. Even if you're a GNU/Linux confirmed user.

*  If you are searching Android for Samsung Omnia project (Andromnia), see here and here.
This is not a project on i work.